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  • Isaac Veloso
    Isaac Veloso

    Who else is high rn?

  • randy rittenhouse
    randy rittenhouse

    This new season sucks. Makes me ashamed to be a fan of this show.

  • Bongsan Prime
    Bongsan Prime

    "SUCH A WASTE!" "m-mother?"

  • I subbed to zacharyzaxor
    I subbed to zacharyzaxor


  • SCP -049
    SCP -049


  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson

    They did it again 😩

  • omezey

    "Fuck off! I'm a time god."

  • Jade[d]

    This is fucking lit.

  • Blud Stanes
    Blud Stanes

    Mr Nimbus's bulge, lol

  • raph

    Thank you for posting. I have no way yo watch the new season atm.

  • DzR1591

    "I dont see how thats relevant but we're white" Police came quick af😂💯

  • Ziggy K. Stardust
    Ziggy K. Stardust


  • Spicy Gamer
    Spicy Gamer


  • Spicy Gamer
    Spicy Gamer

    Smart ass

  • Evrythng Finance
    Evrythng Finance

    And to think this is how most gang warfare happens over little misunderstanding.

  • Litapol

    Why did he take off the glove🤦‍♀️? morty, your jerry is showing

  • Shutterlab Creative
    Shutterlab Creative

    Favorite episode hands down.

  • Alton

    Jessica took the best shroom trip ever

  • Cruz the Nerd
    Cruz the Nerd

    It would make much more sense if it was named Nintendo 34

    • cooze


  • Nick Miller
    Nick Miller

    Bro tell me why I have HULU and HBO MAX and it’s not on there but I hop on LVdown and it’s there 🤦‍♂️ SMH

  • Gabriel Hart
    Gabriel Hart

    This whole episode is Rick punishing Morty for saving him lol

  • Mechanic Gamer A
    Mechanic Gamer A

    No way this is Rick from dimension c137

  • Jared Ticer
    Jared Ticer

    Obvious central thesis here: Basically if a girl is on your couch and wants a drink, be it inter-dimensional or local, you gotta press the tunnel-vision button and blot out everything that is not instrumental in the sequential composition of alcoholic beverage consumption. Then you must maintain the sequence indefinitely (or until desired satisfaction met). Without the mind-altering substance introduced, she would seem like an entity with godlike powers. The "enlightenment" can NEVER occur or she will forever see you as a child sees an insect.

  • Taylor Ward
    Taylor Ward

    "fuck off, I'm a Time God," has got to be one of the greatest lines I've heard in a show

  • Randy Pinn
    Randy Pinn

    The guy from fortnite

  • Grant

    "whisper kitchen Frasier bullshit"

  • Andrew Pugh
    Andrew Pugh

    I dont understand why AS doesnt post every episode this way. Most people will illegally download it and they wont see a dime

  • McKinley Yoder
    McKinley Yoder

    I feel like this show has run out of ideas.

    • cooze

      @guts on the mic they just don’t like it so they have to insult it instead of just stating their opinion

    • guts on the mic
      guts on the mic

      I've seen this argument regurgitated to the point its beginning to lose its meaning. Like how has the series run out of ideas?

  • Thottle

    no one talking about how morty calls jessica from space

  • domaindiego_ TTV
    domaindiego_ TTV

    *BUY AND INVEST IN CRYPTO* Bitcoin Dogecoin Ethereum🌌

  • Ollie wayside
    Ollie wayside

    nimbus gives me murdoc vibes

  • Bob Gutter
    Bob Gutter

    They have to post it for free because of all their woke bs. Go woke Go broke

    • cooze

      @Bob Gutter how about to explain it then if there is so much buddy

    • Bob Gutter
      Bob Gutter

      @Jake The Barcode there's woke bs literally in this episode. Maybe try watching it

    • Jake The Barcode
      Jake The Barcode

      What woke bs are you referring to?

  • Anthony Vo
    Anthony Vo

    6:29 Nintendo 64 reference

    • cooze

      Wow who ever would’ve noticed without you pointing it out

  • Ikechi Ukegbu
    Ikechi Ukegbu

    I have always hated this thumbnail and it has been haunting me. That all I have to say.

  • Brandon Hughes
    Brandon Hughes

    Lady Antebellum - You Look Good / Greatest Hits II Cds 01 - I Run To You 02 - Need You Now 03 - Get To Me 04 - Bartender 05 - You Look Good 06 - Lookin' For A Good Time 07 - We Owned The Night 08 - Hello World 09 - Downtown 10 - Need You Now - Studio Live 11 - Slow Down Sister

  • JediOtter107

    does anyone else feel bad when Rick got arrested at the end?

  • Geeyouknit 06
    Geeyouknit 06

    Wow a Rick and morty episode with a comments section

  • Im Remmo
    Im Remmo

    I'm fucking dead lmao 8:56

  • Big B's Brick Reveiw
    Big B's Brick Reveiw

    This is favorite series it goes 1. Rick and Morty 2. Family Guy 3.Big Mouth 4.American Dad

  • BloodBound Alpha
    BloodBound Alpha

    The jiggle physics on Mr. Nimbus though…

  • Jaden Reynolds
    Jaden Reynolds

    This show makes my head hurt

  • Nightmare Rei
    Nightmare Rei

    When the sway of your sac controls the motion of the ocean. XD

  • 傭兵Cloud

    Oh great..they gave her waaay too much character development in one episode.

  • Lil Wazy
    Lil Wazy

    Damn nimbus fr put Rick in his place with just a few words

  • ThisIsDK

    Oh my gosh when the controller flipped from the nintendo 69. ahahahaaa!

  • AnonymationOfficialYT

    does anyone here realize it yet Rick C137: 4 more seasons and then we're screwed. Evil Morty: your move Rick. Bird Person: I'm Pheonix Person. Mr. Poopybutthole: hunt me somebody hunt me. Clone Beth: dad am i a clone? Mr. Nimbus: I liked your other 1 better, what was his name? me: well looks like things finally start to come together...

    • CraftingDragon

      What are you saying? Also, that wasn’t Mr. Poopybutthole and it was never established which Beth was a clone.

  • My Life
    My Life

    when everyones blaming morty for all the problem when its literally all ricks fault. He started beef with Mr Nimbus and gives morty shit for saving their lives. All Morty wanted was to spend the day with jessica, which rick gave morty more shit about because his matters are more important than him

  • Rocko paws
    Rocko paws

    God ricks ranting is so firing to my own family I almost had to shut it off 😂😳

  • Rocko paws
    Rocko paws

    I know no one else is talking about it but why does mr nimbus feel like a Brandon Rogers character

  • SteezyLab

    I love it

  • Bug Lover
    Bug Lover

    You guys post episode one. And everyone and their grandma post the other ones .... Ok ok

  • Kevin Canetas
    Kevin Canetas

    Bro their whole kingdom started because some guy helped out morty with wine and had conversation with him

  • Dabermcdabberson

    Crotch thumping



  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    they missed a really big opportunity to name him Sea Man

    • chrisjt86

      South Park already did that.

  • yaboimaxx

    4:23 tho

  • Brian Six
    Brian Six

    this is my favorite episode of this show


    "Fuck off I'm a time god" Glorious

  • Andrew Astafiev
    Andrew Astafiev

    He he he

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      "He's Mr. Nimbus he controls the police!" - Jerry 🤣

  • trashcangarby

    All this for wine?

  • Yathien Thai
    Yathien Thai

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  • Yathien Thai
    Yathien Thai

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  • Jesus Torres
    Jesus Torres


  • Logan C.
    Logan C.

    my iq is soaring

  • Why isn't season 5 in hulu

  • Diego Hernandez
    Diego Hernandez

    That speech by Jessica always gives me the chills without fail.

  • Henry Anaya
    Henry Anaya

    Don't watch this show noting but child molesters produces this shit...

    • cooze

      Keep reading those conspiracies buddy definitely not bull shit fear mongering

    • Antonio Diavolo
      Antonio Diavolo

      What? Lmao

  • Bob

    This man put him in jail and fucked his daughter and her husband.

    • Scotty bricks
      Scotty bricks

      Truly arch-nemesis material.

  • Bob


  • Bob

    5:40 I wheeze laughed at this so hard

  • Barack Ollama
    Barack Ollama

    Seems like Rick is becoming the weak one and morty is becoming the strong one

  • SomeRandomGuy369

    I do appreciate the un edited version. Thank you AS.

  • SomeRandomGuy369

    "He's Mr. Nimbus he controls the police!" - Jerry 🤣

  • Juyx

    Poor hoovy he was so nice 😭

  • yaboimaxx


  • yazzy0007 and Coolkidswag
    yazzy0007 and Coolkidswag

    Looks just robot Neymar Junior shit

  • Maria Gloria Tirado
    Maria Gloria Tirado

    Thumbs up if this is really a real episode

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M

    Jeez, release them to hulu already. I am paying for it....jfc. Do you want me to sail the seven seas and cancel?

  • the great lumberjack King
    the great lumberjack King

    Watching it legally what

  • S. Lawrence
    S. Lawrence

    Trash the franchise...this series is cooked beyond salvation...a big fat boooooo and thanks for coming out.

    • Scotty bricks
      Scotty bricks

      This episode was funny da fuck you on about

  • Adam Bautista
    Adam Bautista

    The creators of this show should make this less inappropriate because it is super inappropriate

    • Adam Bautista
      Adam Bautista

      I agree, thanks for the good feedback

    • cooze

      Maybe you should watch something a little more your style like spongebob or regular show

  • FMB Monte
    FMB Monte

    the creators have to be on psychedelics

  • Hank YT
    Hank YT

    This sucks

  • RobDollaz Rollercoaster Eyebrows
    RobDollaz Rollercoaster Eyebrows


  • eleven jordan
    eleven jordan

    Love this show 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Miles_e45

    Morty is cracked

  • Pandanimation

    “Alright Narina let’s fing go” That’s a line right there

  • pieguy49

    this was just frustrating not funny

  • joseph keller
    joseph keller

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    • Hashim Ahmed
      Hashim Ahmed

      Bruh I find these type of comments on almost every video, what are ya saying!!??

  • ツAcidicAli777

    I love how Rick said Summer was the only one he could trust, then in the end she got him beaten up and sent to prison

  • Blizzard Blast101
    Blizzard Blast101

    Imagine becoming an ageless threat in another reality by accident

  • Gordan Ramsay
    Gordan Ramsay

    Finally some good fucking food .

  • ThatGuyGlenn

    thank you

  • Sunshine Dax McGee
    Sunshine Dax McGee

    Fight. Fuck. Flee

  • NicholasAlexander

    Bruh this episode is soooooo fuckin good lol

  • Cameron Morris
    Cameron Morris

    How's controlling the Police an ocean power?

    • cooze

      Because it’s a comedy show

    • Scotty bricks
      Scotty bricks

      Because he's mr nimbus just go with it.

  • Gene Banik
    Gene Banik

    Fricking hilarious

  • Dylan Mikaelsson
    Dylan Mikaelsson

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  • Lori Smith
    Lori Smith

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