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Its all Steel n Concrete , Subscribe its a hell of a project.

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  • colinfurze

    Loads More to do but this Is my best project i think, so glad you've all enjoyed it and see you in the next instalments, Subscribe so you don't miss a thing.

    • Creative tips
      Creative tips

      When’s part 5

    • David Jones music
      David Jones music

      Hey Colinfurze: I agree too, Watching all the way from USA.. Stay Safe Sir

    • Joshua Humphries
      Joshua Humphries

      Please post part 5

    • Uma 78
      Uma 78

      Can you start hulkbuster series

    • Neil Turley
      Neil Turley

      More please

  • Brandon Rife
    Brandon Rife

    Colin I remember a long time ago when I first saw this channel when u had only 1 mil subs. Now your at 11 mill. Keep up the great work

  • Lindon and Lisa
    Lindon and Lisa

    Best channel of ever seen on LVdown or TV for that matter

  • Rob Meyer
    Rob Meyer

    Absolutely love these videos. Out of everything you've built this is my favorite. Did you have to get permits before building it? If I tried that in the US the government would shut me down so quick and they would never approve a permit.

  • Niffster new
    Niffster new

    Hey man if you ever build another game weapon or something I think you should make the DOOM SLAYERS arm blade from DOOM eternal?

  • Kyle Foster
    Kyle Foster

    Colin I need the next video! 😭😭😭😭. Why don't you start a daily show😭😭😭😭😭😭. I love the content it's insane lol 👌

  • Carley

    Enjoy your break!!

  • DJ DarkMatter
    DJ DarkMatter

    guess he got fucked by the feds, 1 week interval broken

  • Tomos Halsey
    Tomos Halsey

    16:21 It's amazing how quickly people forget about Root Cellars existing.

  • Mohamed Amrino
    Mohamed Amrino

    `well ik where to go when there is a zombie apocalypse lmao

  • re me
    re me

    "My name is Colin Furze and I-" *Tunnel collapses*

  • starmauser

    can't wait for the next part!

  • Tommy Mason
    Tommy Mason

    Is he on his meds😂 he seems so calm

  • T T
    T T

    It would be awesome to have a section or windows that are perspex so can see the natural rock around it.

  • nicklogan2

    should have saved bits of the carpet to decorate the hallways. like historical Colin Furze Gallery of work.

  • Mat Gurd
    Mat Gurd

    For all the rest of the concrete what about a concrete lorry that pumps it……. 👌🏻👍🏻

  • kayn3

    Some cool shiznizzel

  • Migs991

    no water protection?

  • Bart Bohyn
    Bart Bohyn

    I've been refreshing your page for 5 days now, I need part 5

    • Bigchow

      Same xd

  • Mr. Neuhaus
    Mr. Neuhaus

    Dude, wut's up with the next episode..!??! Waiting......

  • TheRoadfarmer

    No wonder steel and concrete tripled in price this past year Colin bought up 50% of it

  • Austin Bragg
    Austin Bragg

    Cant help but think this would be so much faster if real life worked like minecraft.

  • Dylan Dylan
    Dylan Dylan

    Uhh where’s the next episode already?

  • Carlitos Way
    Carlitos Way

    Isn’t secrecy the number one rule of having a secret bunker ? This guys shows it off to the entire world ? :)

  • arteK1390

    Hey Colin , i've got a question Why you don't using bethon under the pressure, this will give strong and property cover for your's ceiling

  • rhet

    I need him to adopt me

  • Lindsay Brown
    Lindsay Brown

    Kind of a bit disappointing. Shafts and tunnels are so old hat. Thought you'd supercharge it with a lift that went down, up and sideways. Step it up man !

  • Anant Gamer
    Anant Gamer

    This Minecraft mod looks cool

  • Retro Tech Ralph
    Retro Tech Ralph

    Great little project so far, but like my garage refereb, its still an ongoing and evolving idea. looks great so far.

  • _crustbuster7447

    Quite a secret now, Colin.

  • Daniel Worth
    Daniel Worth

    Why’s everyone ignoring the fact he has netherite

  • Ben the awkward boy
    Ben the awkward boy

    I hope you do a collab with Hacksmith industuries

  • Craig Campbell
    Craig Campbell

    I’d metal detect all the removed material. It’s doubtful but who knows? There could be gold or other treasures in it.

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    He needs to make a small backhoe out of hydraulics lol

  • Robzy Robz
    Robzy Robz

    If I wore a Colin Furze safety tie it would definitely get stuck in my bench grinder!!

  • Mexie Mex
    Mexie Mex

    Would it not have been an idea to put some storage in the walls?

    • Mexie Mex
      Mexie Mex

      @mstrbkr I assume you aren't a maker if you think extra storage isn't *ALWAYS* useful LOL

    • mstrbkr

      Why?! The tunnel literally links 3 buildings that store stuff.

    • Mexie Mex
      Mexie Mex

      @bofooit gojo For extra storage? Not very much really.

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      how much have this cost you in material alone?

  • Mike Werner
    Mike Werner

    My head is swimming just thinking of how much all that metal cost 😳

  • Alan Marno
    Alan Marno

    I’m really impressed with these tunnel videos, don’t stop now keep the content coming

  • Daivam Pandit
    Daivam Pandit

    Can't wait for a mine to bedrock, but now it goes to -65 so it's gon take u ages.

  • El Smoke Serrano
    El Smoke Serrano

    You could of built a rocket with all that steel

  • Debora Vanhoek
    Debora Vanhoek

    Waw... It cool bro and nice vidio. Suport👌🤣

  • Brendan Matelan
    Brendan Matelan

    Honestly a little bothered these guys aren't wearing eye protection or steel toed shoes when they're sawing or working with steel.

  • Ron D. Lite
    Ron D. Lite

    @collinfurze can you release a channel promo, say the end of most videos but in a separate trailer?? To convince me misses that Furze is Fast and Furzious 11

  • Brady Franks
    Brady Franks

    Guys I just can't let you go on with your day without Following Tom's insta please, he earned it 🙏:)

  • Ron D. Lite
    Ron D. Lite

    Lol @ #minecraft

  • Mike5

    Just wait until Colin opens his new London Underground station in his back garden

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast

    Well, I mean it’s not really a secret

    • Splitter

      Yeah his neighbors have definitely watched this

  • Самоделки или все своими руками
    Самоделки или все своими руками

    интересно по чем у них металл

  • Le'Onto P
    Le'Onto P

    This is White Boy Summer

  • overpowered croissant
    overpowered croissant

    Try and Make a go-kart using 1 or 2 motors from washing machines (I got this idea from watching the washing machine that wouldn't die)

  • Walter

    how much have this cost you in material alone?

  • Paul Neil IV
    Paul Neil IV

    What's with the orange paint on the floor?

  • lisa bond
    lisa bond

    Calling when you going to put on your part five because my dad is obsessed with your channel

  • Jonny Wilson
    Jonny Wilson

    More more more. .... Pretty please x

  • him self
    him self

    Me: would have been tired/ bored by just marking an *X* on the floor where I was to start my dig😭😷

  • Adam Hanratty
    Adam Hanratty

    Why didn't you just pump the concrete in? Surely that would have been a lot less work? 🤔

  • Octavian Voicu
    Octavian Voicu

    Did you bury those cameras in concrete? 😂

  • samjd

    Here is a master tunnel digger for you to enjoy! So come on, lets go! lvdown.info/cd/abd8j6LaucmXeX4/video.html

  • iowa_don

    Secret?? I'm sure none of the neighbors noticed all of the dirt leaving your property, all of the steel being delivered or wondered where all of the truckloads of concrete went. Sure they didn't.

  • alakija(cash app(gman123
    alakija(cash app(gman123


  • lewis williams
    lewis williams

    Please can you put a vending machine over the hole, you'll be the real life Stan from gravity falls

  • lewis williams
    lewis williams

    All this stuff just chilling under a normal UK suburban house, the resale value is going to be mental honestly 😂😂

  • ba.skidder LOCKDOWN
    ba.skidder LOCKDOWN

    No new uploads? You underground furze

  • Angry Wasp
    Angry Wasp

    When was the last time you had an estate agent round ? Would make a great video ;-)

  • Mobslayer_Doge Gaming
    Mobslayer_Doge Gaming

    Seems like an evil lair

  • sini jacob
    sini jacob

    digs faster

  • sini jacob
    sini jacob

    make a electric scoop 4 bucket

  • Jacko

    when are you going to make part 5 because im exited for it

  • Kevin Traynor
    Kevin Traynor

    How did you rebuilt that underground tunnel

  • Nickodemus Maximus
    Nickodemus Maximus

    Tom Lamb has to be the most wholesome man in the world



  • George L
    George L

    Colin is deffo sniffing that WD-40

  • Kevin Grant
    Kevin Grant

    i was wondering what youd been up to recently. Love your videos and work. Cant wait to see the rest of the project. Wish i was your neighbour lol.

  • Micheal O Grady
    Micheal O Grady

    Why not pour the concrete floor first

  • daniel obrien
    daniel obrien

    U gotta have some unreal sponsorship! The way the price of steel and concrete is atm! Good on ya man. Great video series

  • Reptilewizz

    Oh my I can nearly contain my excitement

  • Joshua Lawson
    Joshua Lawson

    Imagine how much this house will sell for!!! My Guess: 8.5 Million Comment your guesses down below

  • Rain Aldrich Pasuelo
    Rain Aldrich Pasuelo

    Wow your so lucky to survive a zombies :O

  • UndeadZane

    is it just me or do the times not line up? is he compiling to upload later?

  • noshad b.e
    noshad b.e

    Now you can survive nuclear dday also zombie appocalipts also my english

  • Zolfo

    need to make the hatch tamper proof and sealable

  • Espiritual me
    Espiritual me

    When you have money and don't know what to do with it!!!🤔🤔🤔

  • Darren Purchase
    Darren Purchase

    Colin is all this smoke good for your head

  • JJ OTT
    JJ OTT

    In the US we'd need permits and all that stuff for this 🤣🙄😒

  • Ben Oconnor
    Ben Oconnor

    Do u need planning permission for this?

  • The Fern Show!
    The Fern Show!

    Where's part 5? Feels like I've been waiting weeks! Need moooore! 😁

  • Chris Vogel
    Chris Vogel

    You know that your not getting any younger Collin, and any proper underground spy bunker would have a lift (elevator) access. My personal preference would of course be the old pay phone with the secret number to dial. lvdown.info/cd/qrh6rKCUk5mMrbA/video.html

  • Killer Videos
    Killer Videos

    Hey I think you’ll probably never see this… but if you added a drone to your bunker (like last man on earth) that would be super cool

  • Valmaligoth

    What are the temps in the main room when all the electronics are running?

  • The Sleepy Craftsman & More
    The Sleepy Craftsman & More

    I'm waiting for part 8 where your local council demands you remove all of it.

  • The Smichot
    The Smichot

    so excited for more! Take your time and have fun.

  • Jeffery Loy
    Jeffery Loy

    Id like to know how much money he's spent on steel. I'm guessing close to 100k just from what I've seen in this 1 video


    Hope you have planning permission

  • John Skiles
    John Skiles

    I can't help but think of how expensive all that steel is...

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